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Experience the transformation you are looking for!

Unleash the power of your brand with renewed vigour and confidence, and elevate it then with visuals that tell YOUR unique story!

Do you want to fully represent yourself and your brand, so that you can reliably and easily attract the right clients and grow your business and achieve your goals?

I am here to be your creative guide, who is able to step into your business with you and discovers new ways and opportunities you might not even have imagined; who shifts thoughts and gives you a safe space for all your ideas, dreams and wishes.

My purpose is to empower and enable determined and ambitious business owners like you, to see all the possibilities that are out there, and make use of your inherent uniqueness.

You ARE unique, and you are your business, therefore there’s only one way – and that is yours and yours alone.

But sometimes it can be hard to navigate the way alone, and that is where I come in.

I bring my uniqueness with me – several decades of mentoring, teaching and coaching, marketing and design experience – to help YOU reach new levels in your business.

And how am I doing that?

With my marketing and branding guidance sessions, high quality rebranding, and brand elevation tools like the animations, and the video content. And all aligned with exactly what you want and need, to truly represent your brilliant brand and attract the right clients.

Book a discovery call with me or drop me an email, I am happy to get to know you and see how we can unleash the power of your brand!

Logo Reveal TEAL Services
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Are you ready to work with me?

You are ready when:

  • You are determined to try something that works for YOU

  • Your determination has become stronger than your fear

  • You are willing to utilise what I produce for you

  • You want to unleash the power of your brand and become unstoppable

  • You want to have more time for what you love to do

  • You are willing trust the process and my abilities

  • When you might have thought “Hell, yeah!” during reading this far

Beautiful Rebranding

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Branded, dark stationary set with peach print

Have you reached a new level with your business, but your old branding just doesn’t fit anymore? Or didn’t you have a branding in the first place?

When you have been in business for at least one year, you might feel that your initial branding – or just a logo and some colours – don’t fit where you are today. You have grown your business, you have found your feet, and you have established a specific set of core values, and now is the time to align everything to that.

It is time to level up your branding to where you are today, and utilise it fully throughout your marketing to attract your specific, most favourite clients.

Book a call with me, or drop me a message to discuss the best options for your next level in your business.

“Unleash the Power of Your Brand” Sessions

Do you have the most awesome ideas, magnificent visions and epic goals for your business, but you seem to block yourself from bringing them to life?

Have you tried all the traditional marketing methods, and used generic templates that just don’t seem to do the work for you?

Do you want to finally get moving – and do what is aligned with YOU, YOUR business, and YOUR vision?

Let’s work together and let me help you make things easier, applicable, helpful and actionable, and let’s forget the SHOULDS that you have been told.

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Unleash the power of your brand animation

Brand elevation tools

Awesome Animations

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Best experienced with the sound turned on

Are you struggling getting your message across easily?

Animated logos for your website and video content, explainer videos, or animated graphics for your website and presentations are awesome tools for you to get your brand and messaging out there, in an easy, fun, and simple to understand way.

Animations also make great features for your social media channels and will for sure attract the attention of potential clients.

I am happy to have a wee coffee chat with you, and explore all the possibilities for you.

Epic Videos that empower and motivate

Spencer Thomson Promo Video
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Best experienced with the sound turned on

Do you want impactful, inspirational videos that show what you do?

Or do you want to create on-demand online courses as your passive income stream, but don’t know how and what and when?

Have a look through a bunch of selected videos below, or head over to my YouTube channel, and get inspired.

And when you are ready – let’s have a chat!

Happy Clients

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What My Clients Have To Say

Watch this amazing video testimonial from Spencer Thomson, about his promotional video.

Video Testimonial Spencer Thomson
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Watch the wonderful video testimonial from Deborah Craig, about her rebrand with me.

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